A Guide to the Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants

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A Guide to the Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants may be a staple of our culture, but did you know that most fast food is actually pretty unhealthy? Sure, it tastes great when you’re in a rush and want something simple to eat. But if you're looking to eat healthier and ditch the standard fast-food chains, then you need to know where the healthier options are. Luckily, there are plenty of fast-food restaurants out there that offer healthy alternatives. Whether it’s limiting the amount of sodium or removing unnecessary additives- these restaurants focus on making healthier versions of their classics. Here we list the healthiest fast food restaurants so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

  1. What makes a restaurant healthy?
  2. Burger joints
  3. Salad restaurants
  4. Mexican restaurants
  5. Cookie bakeries and Coffee Shops
  6. Conclusion

What makes a restaurant healthy?

In order to find the healthiest fast-food restaurants, we looked at the nutrition facts of each item on the menu. We also took into account the reviews of other customers on sites like Yelp and Google. From there, we dug a little deeper to see what else makes each of these restaurants so healthy. For example, if a restaurant has an assortment of healthy salad options, that’s a great sign because that means you’re getting more veggies than just a few leaves. Similarly, a restaurant that serves smoothies instead of milkshakes is a healthier option. Of course, all of this doesn’t mean that healthy options aren’t also delicious. There are plenty of ways to create healthy versions of classic foods. For example, you can use fat-free milk in your lattes and smoothies, swap out fatty meats for lean proteins, and add fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your recipes.

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Burger joints

Burger joints are a great place to start your healthy fast food journey. One of the reasons these restaurants are so healthy is that they don’t season their burgers with tons of salt. If a burger joint does include salt on its menu, it’s usually in small amounts. Another healthy burger joint option is to swap out the bun for a healthier alternative. Many burger joints offer whole wheat or gluten-free options. If you have dietary restrictions, be sure to ask if the bun is safe for your dietary needs.

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Salad restaurants

Salads are a great option if you’re looking to eat healthier, as they’re typically very low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals. A great option for healthy fast food salads is to ask if you can sub out the bun for a lettuce wrap. Most salad restaurants offer a variety of healthy wraps that are equally as tasty as their bun-based options. Another healthy option for salads is to request them without the croutons or to ask for them to be sprinkled with pomegranate seeds instead of blue cheese. Some of the most popular salad restaurants, like Subway and Taco Bell, are also healthy fast-food chains, which means that they’re a great place to start if you’re looking for a healthy fast food option.

Mexican restaurants

An avocado burrito or a black bean veggie bowl from a Mexican fast-food restaurant are both healthy alternatives to traditional fast food. This is because they’re low in sodium and are packed with nutrients. Another healthy Mexican restaurant option is to request vegan and vegetarian items. This is because a lot of Mexican restaurants include items like beef fajitas, which are loaded with saturated fat. If you’re looking to eat healthily, you can easily avoid these unhealthy options.

For those who don’t want to completely cut out sweets, there are tons of healthy options out there. For example, a healthy alternative to a cookie is a piece of fruit. Similarly, a healthy alternative to a sugary coffee drink is to order an herbal or green tea beverage instead. These healthy alternatives make it easier to enjoy a sweet treat without harming your health.


Healthier fast food doesn’t have to mean bland or boring food. There are loads of healthy fast food options out there, and you can start eating healthier today with these tips. Whether you’re looking for a healthy burger joint, a healthy salad restaurant, or a healthy Mexican restaurant - make sure to check out the list above for the healthiest options.

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